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Drawing Tips And Techniques

Here are some things I’ve found that have helped me draw better.

All these techniques and tips are based on Win Wengers image reproduction principle. Image streaming is very useful, and I’ve found it especially useful for improving myself.


Before I begin, I want to say something about the human brain. It is important to know what your brain can do and what it does in order to learn to your full potential. I’m still learning more about the brain, but here are some things I’ve learned.

More Pleasure, Less Pain

Your brain turns away from pain, and toward pleasure. Most of you probably know this, but I’ll give you an example anyway.

I’ll take homework as an example because everyone likes homework =D. Some people don’t like doing homework because it affects them the pain (eg. Boredom, confusion, other things you don’t like), but enjoy drawing because it gets your creative juices flowing, and your brain is engaged, ie. the pleasure But you end up doing your homework because you don’t want to feel it the pain parents yelling, teachers yelling, detention, failing a test, etc.

Repetition, repetition, repetition

Another important thing about the brain is that You get more of what you strive for”. A very important rule. For example, the more you put off your homework, the easier it will be to procrastinate. The more you see your photos, the easier it will be to display them next time.

Yes, fear and stress shut down key parts of your brain, including your creativity. So you have to be calm when you draw (although some people only draw to express themselves). You generally do better when you approach things playfully and with curiosity (beginner’s mind).

A final note, everyone is unique in their learning and preferences. This is what worked for me, but I know everyone is different. So I encourage people to experiment.


First of all, you YOU MUST ENJOY! =) It could be trivial, or even just common sense, isn’t that why it’s drawn in the first place?

But you’d be surprised what people think when they draw. Examples of this are “I have to make this picture good so I can show it to my friends”, “I have to make this good or people will put me down”. and another, borderline: “I have to do this well, I will be happy with my photos.” You don’t have to be afraid! I know this is cliché, but many people fall into this trap of fear and stress and wonder why the photos are not good. Even though need maybe it’s not a good thing to say because people might be afraid, and that happens =).

You might think this is a bit silly, but think about it for a moment. That “fear” is the inherent fear of pain. It is this uncertainty, the uncertainty of moving forward, because running away is also a solution to avoid pain. Here too you get “more

what makes you stronger” quote. The more you escape, the easier it is

it will be running away and so on and so forth.

You may lose interest even after drawing for a long time. If that happens, come back later. But remember to come back. If you think about it, do it. And if you don’t… well you know what happens =) Of course, if you think about it and don’t have easy access, you can see yourself drawing the picture. Imagine yourself drawing, feeling the pencil and paper.


Imagination is also very important to your human brain. Imagination is the time for your brain to play, so you shouldn’t interfere =). As a child, your imagination runs free without hindrance. Until “taught” at school.

Through traditional schooling, both your conscious mind is trained and trained to be focused. But your subconscious, which extracts all these images (plus other very important information) from the drawing, gets in the way. That’s what we were all told to focus on in class.

This meant that you had to “shrink” your subconscious mind in order to focus, because the images that come to you distract you from what you are doing.

So your wonderful mind is forgotten, and some people even “forget” how to draw images from their minds after traditional schooling. So remember, if you see something strange and some images appear, don’t turn it off, let it flow and it will inspire your creative mind to keep doing what it does best.

You can read more about it here:

Two GUARANTEED ways to profoundly improve your intelligence

Tips for drawing

Finally we are on to the good stuff! Why have I been around

the human brain? This is Drawing and Art, right? not psychology? Wrong! Of course, the human brain is essential to your drawing skills. Depending on your mood and state of mind, you can draw great pictures, or fall into a slump or art block. I’ll tell you how to remove it later.

So basically, in order to draw better, knowing how the brain itself works can help a little. I could write a whole article about what I’ve learned so far about the human brain, but most of you wouldn’t like it, right? = P

Anyway, if you want to learn more about the human brain, visit

Remember, don’t read it because you have it need, read it because you enjoy it. It makes things more fun, and you learn more.

Removing a decline in art

A lot of people know this, and they know this well =D For people who don’t know what I’m talking about, art slump/block is when you can’t draw something or can’t draw it properly and you know you can’t, so you don’t.

There are a couple of solutions for this:

  • One, you might not be having fun. Surprisingly, some people can have blocks, similar to the way people block math. You know the “Aaah~! I don’t like math, I always fill it in! Waaah~!”. This statement about yourself is true, but only because it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You made yourself think that by saying that. Funny how the brain works =). Other reasons are probably from a bad experience (or many) (eg, getting a low grade on a test, the teacher being so slow that you get bored and don’t understand, etc. someone criticized your work harshly and did it. you feel bad ). Even if drawing isn’t as locked in as math, it might be there, and it’s about filling your drawing. One way to do this is to do the Noise Removal technique in Win Wengers article – “How to Unlock Blocks and Dissolve Phobias”. I found this technique very useful, especially for math =P. So if you have this artist block, use the noise removal technique on it, and it should clear up.
  • When you have an inspiration, IMMEDIATELY stop what you’re doing and start writing (or drawing) things about your inspiration. It can be a great picture you remember, how to draw clothes, or drawing in a specific way. DO THIS! It will encourage the spontaneous, creative side and it will be easier to remove that block. Remember “what you push for you get more of” =P.

    If you can’t draw or write, describe it out loud to yourself (or in your head). Or use your powerful tool, imagination. Imagine drawing it, or watching events unfold, or whatever.

  • One last thing, an easy way to unlock yourself is to get inspiration from different sources. It can be TV, an anime, looking at pictures, a person or an insignificant object like a tree. Waiting for this inspiration is also an option (but you will be encouraged to stop drawing on every little block you come across, which is not good =P)

Tips for drawing while drawing

Here are some things I’ve found that have helped me a lot over the years

the drawing

Creative Drawing

Sometimes when you’re drawing, you have one

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