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The Bachelor’s Guide To Setting Up His Place

Note that I have deliberately avoided the term “undergraduate” here. That’s a good reason. That statement creates views that are completely and utterly cheesy. And if you’re expecting to invite women at any point (which I think is a given) the last thing you want is to have your place on a single man.

Okay, maybe that’s second to last. The last thing you want your place to be is dirty. And you can take it the way you want, because whatever you’re thinking, you understand me perfectly.

Interestingly, several guys (and a few women) have asked me how to get the theme of this section. Here’s the thing: EVERYONE has their own unique set of circumstances. Some people have a lot of money, others have almost nothing to spend. Some live in the city, and others in small towns. Some live where you have satellite TV, and some don’t. With all that in mind, I’m going to approach this from the mindset of an average man with an average income living in a suburban environment. You can take what you can use and leave the rest on the shelf, although the more philosophical parts are probably universally applicable.

Let’s take this to the room, shall we? I will weave in more general principles along the way.

1) Door/Entrance

Make sure the front light is working and there are no spiders living in the outside corner. Have a rug to clean your feet on and store lockers/umbrellas inside the door if you don’t have a closet inside the door. This is very important to feel comfortable right away, and we all know by now that this is work.

2) Bathrooms

In most of your homes or apartments, keeping things straight is key, unlike Felix Unger. I’ve actually heard from some women that a clean, surreal place turns them on. They recognize it’s “unnatural” as we say here in Texas. So the key is to remove the confusion. This will save us from dusting the floorboards, but the absolute exception to that rule is the bathroom. CLEAN the toilets. clean AROUND toilets. In fact, clean the entire room, including the tub/shower and sink. Use the “Shower Clean” item or equivalent every time you shower and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble later. Clean the mirror stains. Finally, as my friend (and fellow woman) Amy Waterman once pointed out in an interview, get everything out of your medicine cabinet that you don’t want to find. According to her, most women believe it is their birthright to spy on your medicine cabinet. Of course you have condoms, but put them somewhere more discreet. That goes double for recreational Cialis.

3) The kitchen

You’re cooking for him, aren’t you? (Remember who you’re listening to here, right?) When buying an apartment or house, make the kitchen a higher priority than most guys. You want enough space for two people to work together. When shopping for kitchen appliances, make sure things don’t clash. I recommend the stainless steel look if possible. It has a classy feel and is masculine. Get cookware, decent knives, and a set of pots/pans that gives you the flexibility to cook whatever you want. Get at least one set of matching plates (so it’s chopsticks) and a plate set for four. If you have a suitable area outside, get a small barbecue pit as well.

Keep things in the refrigerator free of rotten and moldy things. This makes women stand out. Make sure you have a variety of drinks, including bottled water and diet sodas, if you don’t drink the stuff. Make sure the ice is fresh.

If you can, invest in one of those mini-fridges with a window in the door that doubles as a “cellar.” Keep a bottle of red and a bottle of white in there. If you’re lucky enough to live near a Trader Joe’s, Charles Shaw is dirt cheap and does the job if you’re not yet a wine lover. You can fill the rest from the last dozen or so six packs of beer you drank and so on. It does not matter when putting the drink to take out several things. in hand as soon as I entered the door.

And yes…empty the trash. While you’re at it, make sure the dirty laundry is out of the area.

4) Living room

Yes, you probably have a killer big screen and an X-box. When a woman comes over, however, the best use of that TV, hands down, is to tune it to the music channel that best suits the mood you’re setting. Some satellite or cable systems come with Sirius or XM channels…SET THAT. It’s amazing to set it to the New Orleans channel while you’re cooking dinner and then switch it to Urban Contemporary, Classic Blues or Smooth Jazz later. Awww… yes.

And yes… I had a black leather couch and a loaner. A stereotype, but for good reason. I even parked my couch directly under the air conditioner vent. This was strategic. In fact, contrary to popular wisdom, I always set the a/ca to around 70 when a woman came over. This encouraged closeness as the evening progressed.

When choosing furniture in general, match it. Personally, I went for dark wood with angular patterns (as opposed to rounded ones) and it drew lots of compliments on how elegant yet masculine my place was. Don’t take the feminine-looking furniture (or blue sofas) your Aunt Betsy gave you, because they’re free. Hold on to your heart. You can get what you need from Craigslist for less than you think.

An important note here is that it’s perfectly fine to be a boy. Just look for classic and/or elegant ways to get your message across. Of course I avoided pinning posters of porn stars to the wall. But I had that John Belushi classic in Animal House up there…framed. Sweet. If you have big trophies, you can keep them on display too. Pool table…nice touch. Shooting in the pool with a woman you like is always fun. If you have hobbies or pastimes, if you are a hobbyist, you are expected to have the things you use to do them at home; keep it out of the way.

Lighting is also incredibly important. I cannot stress that too much. You want alternatives to the default overhead lighting… period. Floor lamps are great, an entertainment center with track lighting and/or shelf lighting is even better. Feel free to be creative here. I actually had 20-25 lava lamps of all shapes, colors and styles throughout my house…including one in the bathroom. The effect was great, although the cost of replacing the bulbs was higher than expected. Women always thought he was cute. Contrary to what you might expect, I was also able to make a neon sign at home. If your place is otherwise neat and tidy, you can get away with this. Please note that your mileage may vary. You always want “fancy” over “cheesy.”

Today, fireplaces are also seen in basic apartments in some places. Use it unless it’s ridiculously hot outside. If in doubt whether it’s too hot, fire it up. Put the a/ca likes 68 for a couple of hours when it arrives. This is totally worth it.

As for other decorations, I agree to leave some interesting books around the house and on the shelf to encourage conversation. Travel books, psychology books and biographies of interesting people are here. I also recommend that you fill your space with photo frames of family and friends doing fun things together. There is literally no more confidence that gives a woman the sight of visiting a guy’s place. Cute nieces and nephews are a plus…seriously.

One final note. You may have an item that triggers a sensual/sexual response. Maybe it’s a book about tantra. In my case, it was a pair of sexually suggestive, glow-in-the-dark dice (a gift). It’s okay to be a sexual being, just avoid being sex-centric. By the way, you still avoid the dreaded “cheesiness” based on your overall elegant approach. A kitsch thing or two here and there is fine.

5) Bedroom

So what about the bedroom? When you put a drink in her hand, give her the “walk” of the place and be there to enter the room. Make sure you leave quickly after showing him that you seem to have ulterior motives. Keep the bedroom door open afterwards.

Above all, make your bed. Make the covers fold in front of the pillows, but don’t pull back the bed covers as if someone is going to bed (see: “cheese”). If you have a bedside table next to it, that’s a great place for condoms, etc. Again, clean up the mess, including snacks and empty glasses. I know how we are, guys.

If you haven’t changed your tabs this week, please do. What? Don’t have two sets of pages? Get some with at least 300 thread count. Try “birch fiber” sheets if you’re on a budget. They take Get big pillows, and lots of them. Pillow fights rule.

For lighting, continue with the theme you’ve created throughout the rest of the house. Your bedroom should match your style elsewhere. If you have a TV in your bedroom, you will find that it pays to have music channels. Your iPod’s speaker setup can’t push enough variety, and even a radio ad is too much.

So that’s the basic summary. Of course, if you have a ’68 Ford Falcon on the blocks in the back yard and/or a Kenworth parked out front that’s a negative. And hide the cats if you’re a cat person. Women think it’s weird when men are cat lovers. Don’t ask me why, but it’s a topic I’ve heard many times (and I don’t even have a cat). As for dogs, make sure they are well behaved and clean if you stay at home. It is always a good idea to find out in advance if your guest has any allergies.

And Febreze your whole place. From top to bottom every time

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